& Tanaka White

White & firm double action essence

SujueZ DAPAT produk ni secara percuma masa kat pesta buku KL lepas. Try la guna. Kesannya agak baik pada mukaku. Chewah adalah cikit serinya dari dulu. Apapun sape2 yang nak try Tanaka White ni boleh la beli kat mana2 shoping complex ke eks!


After toning, gently depress both pumps for a sufficient amount of both the whitening and firming essences. After thoroughly mixing both the whitening and firming essences, gently massage onto face and neck area until fully absorbed.

Marvelous Efficacies:

1. Unique double action design allows for effective whitening and firming at the same time for fair and revitalized skin.
2. Tanaka (Thanakha) extract whitens the skin from within.
3. Bio-energy fluid effectively disperses copper ions and prevents the formation og pigmentation. Skin become fairer, brighter & revitalized.
4. Bio Mineral Essence improves blood and oxygen circulation and skin metabolism for firmer, more elastic skin.
5. Licorice extract blended with natural herbs effectively lightens pigmentation and evens out dark and dull skin.
6. Firms sagging skin and reduces double chin that comes with age. Pores are minimized and skin becomes firmer and more refined.
7. With constant use, skin's youthful fairness, firmness and elasticity are restored.
(seperti yang tertulis di kotak produk Tanaka White)

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